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Photograph illegal mining operations and you will be shot–promise!

MIDSALIP (Mabuhay) : A blurred photograph shows a two-to-three-ton government Isuzu truck (SJZ645) being used along with other government equipment to build a road leading seemingly to nowhere.

However, there is a mining operation at the end of the track. The gravel packed road runs towards Bibilop from Midsalip in Zamboanga del Sur.

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Bishop promises to take Sabah issue to Vatican

MANILA (Mabuhay) : The president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of The Philippines, Archbishop José Palma, said that he will take the Sabah crisis to the Vatican in order to seek assistance in mediating between the governments in Manila and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Cat out of the bag on mining company funding of army

KORONADAL (Mabuhay) : “Now the cat is out of the bag. This explains why the army and the Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Units are so obsessed with eliminating opposition to mining, because they will lose millions of pesos if SMI-Xtrata (Sagittarius Mines Inc.) operations stop,” congress member, Neri Colmenares, said after attending a February 21 hearing conducted by the National Cultural Communities Committee in Koronadal, chaired by congress member, Teddy Baguilat.

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St. Calungsod misses first feast day

MANILA (Agencies) : The man of the moment in the Philippine saint stakes, St. Pedro Calungsod, has missed out on celebrating his first feast day.

However, Father Conegundo Garganta, the director of the Commission on Youth, is keen that young people do not miss out on a chance to relive a bit of the euphoria and enthusiasm that surrounded his canonisation.

He added that it is especially important that they reflect on what they learned about themselves during that time.

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Migrant workers acknowledged as true missionaries

MANILA (Mabuhay) : “With their presence in almost every corner of the world, overseas Filipino workers can be effective in the mission to spread the word of God, if they live faithfully the tenets of their faith,” Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, from San Fernando in Pampanga, said on Easter Saturday, March 30.

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Masayang pagpasok, matagumpay na paglabas

Ginugunita sa Linggo ng Palaspas ang masayang pagpasok ni Hesus sa Jerusalem. Ang mga sumalubong sa kanya ay naglatag ng balabal sa kanyang daraanan, itinuring siyang hari, at tinawag nila siyang ‘Anak ni David’. Ngunit ito rin ay Linggo ng Paggunita ng Pagpapakahirap o  Pasyon ng Panginoon bilang pagsisimula ng Semana Santa kung saan ating sinasariwa ang pagpapakasakit, pagkamatay, at muling pagkabuhay ni Kristo. Naipon sa mga pagdiriwang na ito ang tugatog ng misyon at gawain ni Kristo sa mundo.

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More remittances do not mean better life for the people

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : Not everything that looks fantastic is fantastic, migrant community organisations in Hong Kong are saying in response to the announcement by the Central Bank of The Philippines revealing that last year’s remittances stand at an all time high.

Migrante Hong Kong noted on February 19 that this does not necessarily mean that things are getting better.

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Single issue politics don’t change anything

MANILA (Mabuhay) : The Church in The Philippines has been embroiled in a struggle with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) over a large tarpaulin hung outside San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, CBCP News reported.

Displayed in vivid colour, the oversized poster displays the Church’s list of goodies and baddies among senatorial candidates for the upcoming May elections.

Goodies are those against the Reproductive Health Bill and the baddies those who have supported the controversial legislation.

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Top marks for talk low marks for action on human rights

MANILA (UCAN) : The Philippines made progress in promoting human rights legislation last year but has still “failed to address impunity for the most serious abuses,” Human Rights Watch says in its 2013 World Report released on February 2.

“On prosecuting rights abusers (the Philippine government) needs to walk-the-walk, not just talk-the-talk,” Brad Adams, the director for Asia for the human rights watchdog, said in a statement.

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Give migrant workers a voice in the congress

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : Around four hundred members of the Migrante Partylist Hong Kong shoehorned themselves into the Li Hall at St. John’s Cathedral in Central on January 27, affirming that they will participate in the Overseas Absentee Voting for the Philippine election on May 13 this year.