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Carrying the cross beyond Good Friday

The St. Joseph’s Filipino Community held its Lenten recollection on the Ching Ming holiday in the run up to the Easter celebration on April 4 in the parish church.

Over 300 people from the five Filipino communities in the parish attended an afternoon of reflection and prayer led by Divine Word Mission Society seminarian Arjay Venus.

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Getting back to basics 
at recollection day

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : “Holy Week is all about a B2B,” Father Romy Castro told a group of around 700 people gathered for a Lenten recollection day at the Sing Yin Secondary School, Clearwater Bay, on April 4.

The Divine Word Missionary from The Philippines explained that a B2B is about getting back to basics, which he paraphrased as getting back to the bible.

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Kung Hei
Fat Choi


The year 2011 has gone. We have already toasted one New Year and the celebration of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong gave us another chance to get it right.

So get into the groove and be enthusiastic about life.

I wish a great state of happiness, health and well-being to everyone. It is a time to wish everyone well, but if you can truly do that, you will find that you are better off in your life!

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My attitude of gratitude

One New Year’s Day was met and celebrated with cheers of excitement at the arrival of a new creature into a family of six children, Baby Joy.

Fondly called simply Joy, I grew with an outspoken personality, bravely asking questions about people, ideas, events and other issues, all in my innocent curiosity.

I always wanted to share ideas or be clearly heard among my playmates, while I also listened with genuine interest and give active support to others.

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A year that probably left us a bit
further behind scratch

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : The year opened with the release of the results of a survey showing that Filipinos believe that politicians are the most corrupt people in the country, closely followed by law enforcement officers.

Events during 2011 did nothing to dissuade them from their belief. In early January, Archbishop Oscar Cruz threatened to disclose the names of politicians and members of the police force involved in the jueteng gambling racket.

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Just try a little kindness


Do unto others as you would want others do unto you; do not do to others what you don’t want them do unto you,” goes the golden rule we all learned way back in primary school.

Our instincts sometimes put us in highly unpleasant situations, simply because we fail to apply this basic rule and our high expectations often lead to frustration, especially in a group, as each person has a different perspective, which can lead to heartache when not properly addressed.

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An inspirational example for a newly-wed

God made a man and a woman to be as one, a union that no one can separate. When I was a child I didn’t understand these words. I wondered and was fascinated every time I saw a couple walking down the aisle and exchanging their vows, and hearing the I dos from in front of the altar.

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Liturgy speaks in silence song and word of God

 The theology of the liturgy analyses the liturgical sign and addresses the fundamental liturgical question of why we need visible signs that are perceptible to the senses in order to be sanctified and enabled to glorify God?

People are corporeal-spiritual beings; the spirit needs the body to come into contact with its environment and our spirit can only be accessed through our five senses.

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As my childhood dreams died… I saw the face of God

  The day the dreams I had cherished since my childhood were shattered, I saw the face of God. I was just 17-years-old and in secondary school when I got pregnant.

I thought my life had ended, but I managed to keep my secret for almost seven months.

I was terrified of my father and could not tell anyone in my family, I just stayed silent as my secret kept growing inside my tummy. But my mother woke me early one morning. She said she had dreamed that I was pregnant.