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Pilgrim and mission are related concepts

Leaving home and undertaking a journey at the behest of God has deep roots in the bible.

God called Abram to “leave your country and your father’s house and go to the land that I will show you... and I will make you a great nation and I will bless you” (Genesis12:1-2).

The notion of Peregrinatio (pilgrim or wanderer) can go right back to St. Patrick himself.

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A new broom sweeps through the Vatican

On the evening of 13 March 2013, I was in my office when a colleague phoned to tell me that white smoke had been seen billowing from the chimney on the Sistine Chapel.

I was quite surprised as the conclave was only in its second day and, I thought, there was no clear favourite for this election, unlike the one in 2005.

I expected that it would take at least a few days to elect a new pope. I headed for the television room to watch events unfold. 

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An extraordinary man now sits in Chair of Peter

There is a crisis in the Catholic Church, not a crisis of faith, but crises of leadership, of moral authority, a crisis in institutional management, good governance and administration.

Firstly, it is not a crisis of faith. Truly faithful Catholics are knowledgeable in their faith and the gospel. They live and practice, as best they can, discipleship as taught by Jesus of Nazareth.

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Discerning vocation is essential to the living of the Christian life


HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : “Every Catholic needs to develop a sense of vocation and not just think about it as something that happens to brothers, sisters or priests,” Father Toter Resuello, the vocation director for the diocese of Lipa, as well as being the national vocation coordinator for The Philippines, told Mabuhay on February 17.

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Thank God for the gift of love

Eternal God

We thank you for the gift of love;

For shared joys and tears,

For laughter and hope, for the wholeness of being one.

Bless those whom we hold dear in our hearts.

Protect them from all evil.

Sustain them in time of trouble.

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Elements underpinning the green economy

 Recently I have been reflecting on the inability of politicians at Rio+20 to grapple with the serious social, developmental and ecological challenges which are facing humanity and the wider earth community.

The document which emerged from Rio+20 did promote “a green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.”

Moving away from our current plundering and unsustainable economy will not be easy, particularly for poorer countries.

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We can all do something to save the children


It is so encouraging to know that there are many people working worldwide for the protection and well-being of children, especially those who campaign for the rights of children to be breast-fed in the way nature intended to get the nutrition they need to fight-off infections and develop a strong immune system for the rest of their lives.

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Prayer for people on the move

Bless all those who have left our country and now live in other lands.

Give them a strong faith so that they will always put their trust in you and make you known by the example of their lives.

Console those who are lonely because they are separated from those they love.

Help all missionaries who are working far from home to make your love known.

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Carrying my cross throughout my life

I sometimes feel that God is putting me on trial, sort of like giving me a test of my faith and my ability to carry my own cross. During the Lenten season that has just finished, I was conscious of this and took time out to reflect on Jesus carrying his cross, by himself.

I thought that was a bit ironic, as he must have known what he was facing, but still accepted the suffering that was inflicted upon him. I often think that even though the way ahead will be tough, I need to do the same.

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The coddling of a toxic terror

The protection, preservation and nurturing of life is more than just an act of survival based on instinct, as it is with the animal kingdom.

For human persons it is a rational balancing of alternatives, as to what action is best to take in any given situation. The fact that we have free will to choose a way of life that can save life, rather than destroy, damage or endanger it, allows us to make rational and morally good decisions.