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Overseas Filipino workers decry K-12 education for additional burden

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : Overseas Filipino workers expressed their concern about the additional cost that they will shoulder in light of the implementation of the K-12 educational system.

Under the K-12 education system (also called K to 12 or kindergarten plus grades 1-12), students will need to study two years further to complete their high school education. 

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Parishes near earthquake fault urged to do structural checks

MANILA (UCAN) : The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of The Philippines has urged priests to check the structural integrity of their parish churches, particularly those located along or near earthquake faults.

“We have to remember that churches are most often the sanctuary, both physically and spiritually, of people who may be affected by calamities or crisis,” Father Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the public affairs committee of the bishops’ conference said on May 20.

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Petition launched for zero hunger bill

MANILA (Agencies) :  Caritas Philippines has launched a petition to push for the passage of the “zero hunger bill”.

Archbishop Rolando Tirona, chairperson of Caritas Philippines, said, besides tapping the help of all the dioceses in gathering signatures in their respective parishes, the organisation is also coordinating with other civic-minded groups to support the passage of House Bill 3795 or the Right to Adequate Food Framework Act of 2014.

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Church celebrates the witness of ‘Martyr of Peace’ in Basilan

BASILAN (Mabuhay): Father Rhoel Gallardo, a Claretian missionary in the Basilan region of the Philippine Islands, became a modern-day martyr on 3 May 2000 when he was murdered by Islamic rebels. He was tortured by his captors who plucked out the nails from his hands and feet. His body was found with three bullets on his back. He was 34.

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Lay preacher shows trust in Mediatrix approval

MAKATI City (Agencies) : An expert on Marian dogmas has expressed confidence that the official Church approval of the apparition of Mary, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace in Lipa in 1948 is just a matter of time, saying that her veneration has already been recognised by the people’s sense of faith.

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Indigenous peoples’ rights recognised in proposed law

MANILA (UCAN/Agencies) : A legislative committee in The Philippines has approved key amendments that would protect indigenous peoples’ rights as part of the peace process in troubled Mindanao.

The House of Representatives ad hoc committee on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) on May 19 approved the amendments.

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Homeward bound

A beautiful and bright sunshine-filled morning lit up the skies for Ambassador Domingo Lucenario’s final service here on earth where his family, friends, colleagues at the Department of Foreign Affairs and the larger community gathered and would accompany his mortal remains to his final resting place on May 17. This day was also the Solemnity of the Ascension of Christ in the Roman Catholic calendar, how appropriate.

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UN panel called on to look into torture and illegal arrest

MANILA (Agencies) : A Philippine human rights group on May 25 called on the United Nations Sub-committee on Prevention of Torture to look into at least 110 reported cases of torture in the country since 2010 

The UN panel was scheduled to visit The Philippines from May 25 to June 3 to monitor the implementation of the Optional protocol to the Convention Against Torture, which was ratified by the Philippines in 2012. 

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Acceptance of refugees is a moral duty bishops say

MANILA (Agencies) : After other Southeast Asian countries turned thousands of boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh away, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, president of the Catholic Bishops of The Philippines, said there was a duty to treat the refugees with compassion, and give them comfort of even just a temporary stay.

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Bishop warns against passing peace law in haste

MANILA (Agencies) : Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, chairperson of the  Public Affairs Committee of the Catholic Bishops of The Philippines, said more time is needed to discuss important points in the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and that the approval of the law should not be rushed.

The bishop was quoted by the CBCP News as saying that what is important for the congress is to enact a law that is acceptable to all so as to attain real peace in Mindanao.