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Not enough done to combat child labour

MANILA/DAVAO CITY (UCAN) : Jenny’s father drives a passenger jeep to try and provide for a burgeoning family, but Jenny still knows it is not enough to make ends meet.

That is why the grade nine student wakes every morning at 3.00am to walk the streets of Davao City, scouring trash bins for something she can sell to recycling shops.

“It’s not an easy job,” Jenny said.

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Bishops to revisit concepts on same sex unions based on gospel teachings

MANILA (Agencies) : Philippine bishops have expressed concerns about same sex unions, saying it will likely be on their agenda after the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on June 26 in favour of same sex marriage nationwide in a landmark decision.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of The Philippines said the court’s ruling “will not go unheeded” as the bishops will revisit the same sex marriage debate but according to the gospel teachings.

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Two involved in online child sex abuse arrested in raid

MANILA (UCAN): Two people involved in online sex abuse were arrested after a raid in Manila on the night of June 10. 

The two were the alleged mastermind of the production site for cybersex, Christopher Villanueva, and the mother of three of the children abused. Filipino police freed eight children at the house of Villanueva where they were allegedly sold for prostitution and forced to have sex for an online audience.

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Rights groups demand justice for victims of Paquibato massacre

DAVAO CITY (UCAN/Agencies) : Philippine army troops have killed three tribes people in a rural village in Mindanao in what officials are calling a “legitimate encounter” with Communist rebels. Rights groups, however, say the three men were innocent civilians executed in a coldblooded massacre.

Datu Ruben Enlog and his companions, Garyo Quimbo and Randy Carnasa, died after being shot in the remote district of Paquibato in Davao City, according to army officials. 

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Pro-choice group slammed for twisting Church statements

QUEZON CITY (Agencies) : The Philippine Centre for Population and Development is accused of misrepresenting messages on reproductive health, responsible parenthood, and sexuality education by prominent clergy to advance their agenda.

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Caritas welcomes deferrment of relocation in Tacloban

MANILA (Agencies) : Caritas Philippines welcomed the deferrment of a supposed plan to evict Yolanda survivors who are still living in Tacloban City’s danger zones.

Father Edu Gariguez, executive secretary of Caritas Philippines, said it is a welcome development that there will be no relocation until permanent shelters are made.

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Bishops urge voters to reject corrupt politicians

MANILA (Agencies) : Catholic bishops in The Philippines issued a pastoral letter on June 5 calling on voters to end “political dynasties” and reject “notoriously corrupt” politicians running in next year’s national elections.

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New encyclical on environment is related to all Tagle says

MANILA (Agencies) : Manila Archbishop Luis Cardinal Tagle urges all, Christians and non-Christians alike, to read and think about Pope Francis’ latest encyclical on the environment Laudato Si, mi Signore (Praise be to you, my Lord).

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Cardinal expresses confidence in rebel group after first decommissioning

MANILA (Agencies) : Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Cardinal Quevedo said he considers the first phase of decommissioning process of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) as proof of its sincerity in the peace process, despite that some senators said laying down the limited number of weapons was just a symbolic gesture.

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Leave indigenous schools in peace missionary urges

BULACAN (Agencies) : A missionary and indigenous peoples’ rights advocate called on the Philippine government to respect the status of educational institutions for indigenous children for what they are supposed to be: second home, peace zone, and preserver of culture.