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Migrants lose 41 working destinations

MANILA (AsiaNews) : The Philippine government has banned the deployment of migrant labour to 41 countries, including the politically risky like Afghanistan, Libya and the Sudan, as well as trading partners like India and Cambodia, where migrant labour is often exploited.

The ban has got the thumbs down from some Filipino political leaders, as well as getting complaints from countries on the list. India is one of the major trading partners of The Philippines, worth a billion American dollars a year.

“The list does not seek to pass any value judgement on any country,” Foreign Affairs secretary, Albert Del Rosario, said in a statement.

“It serves as a crucial benchmark for all government agencies concerned with working for the betterment of the safety, welfare and working conditions of our nationals,” he continued.

Quezon City has decided only to sign migration agreements with countries which comply with the Republic Act 10022, which requires host countries to agree to specified rights of workers.

The Philippines has the third largest group people working abroad after China and India. About 2,000 Filipinos emigrate a day.

The United States of America and Europe, which host the largest overseas Filipino communities, are the destinations of choice.

At present though, Arab countries take the bulk, because of a strong local demand for workers. 

In 2008, more than 600,000 Filipinos travelled to the Middle East, despite the constant exploitation in the workplace and the fact that it can be a difficult place for a Christian to live.