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Pornography and abuse 
breed sex offenders

MAKATI (Agencies) : A study released by Philippine Action for Youth Offenders on July 1 outlining a profile of young sexual offenders reveals that pornography is one of the major causes in the development of deviant sexual behaviour among teen offenders.

At a meeting of human rights coalition working for youth offenders, Elnora Tabios, the president of the organisation presented a profile of young sexual offenders based on the cases handled by the Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse during the decade from 1995 to 2005.

CBCP News reported that Regina Rabanillo, from the centre for the protection and treatment, discussed the results of the study, saying that she believes that pornography is fundamental in the development of the tendency to deviant sexual behaviour.

“Most young sexual offenders perceived that causes of their sexual behaviour are pornography and boredom, in addition to the fact that they have also been victims of sexual abuse,” she told the gathering.

“Other causes as perceived by them are sexual fantasy, lack of self-control, sexual curiosity, drugs, media violence, prostitution and trip lang (for kicks),” Rabanillo said.

Tabios pointed out that the study presents a strong need to train and increase the number of specialists capable of assessing, treating and evaluating young sexual offenders so that appropriate intervention can be made.

“An integrated national database system should also be developed to establish offender typologies and ensure that treatment outcomes are measured. A comprehensive intervention programme strategy should also be developed to prevent children from becoming sexual offenders and to prevent them from becoming habitual offenders,” she stressed.

The coalition met with member organisations for regular learning sessions to provide them with greater knowledge and understanding of children in conflict with the law, to enable them to handle such cases in a more appropriate and effective manner.

The learning session entitled, Working with Sexually Abusive Filipino Children, was held at the Ateneo Human Rights Centre in Makati City last June 19.

Representatives from member organisations, who are involved in direct contact with children at risk and children in conflict with the law, attended the meeting.

Philippine Action for Youth Offenders is a national coalition of organisations and individuals working together for the realisation of a just and humane society for children in conflict with law.

It is working hand-in-hand with the bishops’ Commission on Prison Pastoral Care in protecting the rights and promoting the welfare of Filipino children in conflict with the law.