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Youth-friendly bible

MANILA (Agencies) : While the translations used for the liturgy of the Mass are becoming more complicated to make them easier to understand, the bishops of The Philippines are looking for a simpler, youth-friendly translation of the bible to make it easier to understand!

Youth leaders from several dioceses are being recommended by the Commission on Youth to join a team to translate the bible into a Pinoy (Filipino) version that young people can understandable.

Father Conegundo Garganta, the executive secretary of the commission, confirmed that four youth leaders have already been endorsed by the commission and recommended to the Philippine Bible Society to work on the task.

Clarizza Sagmit and Sir Llen Hugh Tadeo, both from Cubao; Del Cabanog, from Parañaque; and Richard Pazcoguin, from Manila; are all willing to work on the project if the bible society finds them to be properly qualified. 

“They will contact them personally if they pass the qualifications and screening done by the group,” Father Garganta was quoted by CBCP News as saying, adding that Cabanog’s application had been approved already.

“Cabanog will be part of the workshop set by the bible society from June 12 to 15. They will prepare for the translation work through a workshop before officially start-ing the translation of some books. As of now, he is the first one to be approved. We will be waiting for the feedback from the bible society regarding the application of the remaining three,” he said.

“The bible society has announced that it recognises the potential of young people in society to equip their peers with a bible translation that speaks the way they speak, one that enables them to understand the bible, God’s love letter, to people,” he continued to explain.

“More importantly, the reader will see God as a personal friend that the young can chat with. All the truth in the bible, expressed in the language of the young, is the goal of the Pinoy Version, which is the most recent bible translation project undertaken by the Philippine Bible Society, which aims to reach the urban Filipino, especially those between 13 to 20-years-of-age,” the society says.

The group said that aside from the composition of the actual translation by the team, much of the time will be spent doing research on the acceptability of the translation.

The Pinoy Version project of the bible was started in 2007. It has so far finished the translation of the Gospel of St. Mark and St. Paul’s epistle to the Galatians.