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Monsters in the street denounce monster crops

MANILA (UCAN) : Looking like monsters that grew out of the ground people walked through the streets of Manila on April 17 to protest against what they termed real monsters poking their heads out of the soil on Philippine farms, spreading themselves across the countryside and choking the food producing ability of the land.

Organised by Greenpeace, the rally said that genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which have been created by mad scientists, have invaded and compromised sustainable agriculture in the country.

The rally called on the Agriculture Department to stop the GMO invasion by cancelling all commercialisation and field trials of GMOs in The Philippines.

“The scene might look funny, but the message is completely serious. GMOs are monsters—they are dangerous to our health, to biodiversity and to sustainable farming practices,” Daniel Ocampo, sustainable agriculture campaigner from Greenpeace in south-east Asia, said.

He called on the government “to do what is right by cancelling all GMO approvals and promoting safe and sustainable agricultural methods.”

Agriculture Department officials refused to meet the protesters. There is no record of an application to promote GMOs ever being refused.

The Bureau of Plant Industry, the department tasked with regulating GMOs, recently announced that it has reviewed and approved 67 varieties of GMO plants, eight of which are set to receive authorisation for propagation.

Greenpeace released a report on an independent study showing that alien genes inserted into GMO crops can cause plants to cross-breed and become aggressive, problematic weeds that threaten to overpower similar, sustainable varieties.