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International honour to Filipino for service to life

MANILA (Agencies) : Lilian Perez received the International Servant Leader Award on March 29 at a ceremony in the Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles Airport, the United States of America, for her work in promoting life-affirming pregnancy services throughout Asia.

The employee of the Manila archdiocesan Commission on Family and Life is a nurse and founder of the Heartbeat Pregnancy Support Services of Asia.

The president of Heartbeat International, Margaret Hartshorn, cited Perez for her “leadership and missionary vision to bring the life-affirming pregnancy services not only in the Philippines but all throughout Asia, and the fight for the unborn and the protection of the Asian family into hope for a better future that cradles and respects the dignity of humanity giving glory to God and making His face shine through the faces of the unborn and the beauty of adoption.”

Comcast SportsNet reported that Perez founded the heartbeat service 10 years ago and has served as a lifeline in Asia, and especially The Philippines, for families with on the ground services that enhance life and protect the value and sanctity of life from conception onwards.

Heartbeat has 14 pregnancy support centres in The Philippines and has also pioneered services in Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Pakistan, the Seychelles and Australia.

It is described as being the most expansive network of Christ-centred, life-affirming, pregnancy help ministries in the world, with over 1,100 affiliated pregnancy help centres, medical clinics, maternity homes, adoption agencies, and abortion recovery programmes in 48 countries.

The servant-leader award honours outstanding people with significant accomplishments in the life-affirming ministries every year.

Only six Filipinos are certified and accredited Life Affirming Specialists licensed by the US-based International Institute of Education Standard.

Its head office in The Philippines is in the parish centre at St. John Bosco in Makati, Manila.