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Getting back to basics 
at recollection day

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : “Holy Week is all about a B2B,” Father Romy Castro told a group of around 700 people gathered for a Lenten recollection day at the Sing Yin Secondary School, Clearwater Bay, on April 4.

The Divine Word Missionary from The Philippines explained that a B2B is about getting back to basics, which he paraphrased as getting back to the bible.

He spoke on rediscovering the spirituality of Holy Week and the significance of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

He said that throughout the Easter liturgical celebrations we are continually reminded that our salvation is brought to us through the blood of Christ, which was shed for us. “It is Jesus dying for our dignity,” he said. “That is our redemption.”

He added that this immediately brings up the question of reconciliation. “The first step is recognition, or admission of our failings,” he explained. “The second is embracing our flaws, or admitting our faults.”

He added that in the same way that we pray to the Lord to forgive our sins as we forgive others, we have to give others space and understanding in order to be able to forgive them.

He cited the prayer of Jesus on the cross, “Father forgive them because they know not what they do,” as being a model for us in forming our attitudes towards others, so that we really can forgive them in our hearts.

Father Castro explained that we have a wonderful model in Jesus who, even though he was God, accepted the sin of humankind and accepted his cross.

This reminds us to have gratitude for what has been done for us and to remember the challenge which is put before us to always say yes to God.

He then came up with a catch phrase to make the process easy to remember. “Think of the word pray,” he said. 

“The P stands for praise. We must praise God and recognise his supremacy,” he continued. “Then the R is for repentance or reconciliation, while the A stands for ask and Y for yield. We must imitate our mother, Mary, who yielded to the will of the Lord.”

Father Alfredo Rollon led a walk through the way of the cross on the hill outside the school and people were also offered the opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.

The day ended with a concelebrated Mass with Father Castro and the chaplain to Filipinos in Hong Kong, Father Emil Lim.

Father Castro led the congregation in a series of hand gestures during the singing of the Lord’s Prayer to add another dimension of expression to the prayer.