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Kung Hei
Fat Choi


The year 2011 has gone. We have already toasted one New Year and the celebration of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong gave us another chance to get it right.

So get into the groove and be enthusiastic about life.

I wish a great state of happiness, health and well-being to everyone. It is a time to wish everyone well, but if you can truly do that, you will find that you are better off in your life!

Life is rewarding to those people who are good to each other.

Try to learn every day from life, by watching and observing others, as well as yourself ! You will learn a lot just by observing.

Please, be giving to each other, help each other out, with money as well. Money does not always lead to happiness, but, used well, it helps us to live a better life.

Help others to succeed. Use what you have got—your skills, talent and big heart to help others and you will be greatly rewarded. Life is about giving love—giving love to as many as you can, when you can. Because you don’t know when you have that chance again!

Please, try to observe the good things in life. Try to be more understanding, more compassionate towards your loved ones. This is important in life, really! You will notice the difference in people’s attitudes towards you as you do this!

People will also notice the way you are behaving and respond to you. I think people need more love expressed towards each other, giving love is the number one thing you should be doing.

Whether you are a mother or a father providing for the family, or a teenager or entertainer, you should be giving people love. Because this is how the world gets better, really!

Love is universal. We all want to be loved and understood. We love being loved and understood, and we respond then with our best. People need that.

As every new year dawns, we will need more love and understanding.

People should care more for each other and be less selfish and notice others first. Giving is a thing you can do anytime, anywhere. You can give good advice, with your words and attitude. It does not matter what you give, as long as you do that.

Everyone can give some-thing. It will make you happier as well, because giving is important in life. It helps create a better karma for you and improve your life in general by elevating your emotional state. Yes, it helps overall!

Happy New Year !!!