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An inspirational example for a newly-wed

God made a man and a woman to be as one, a union that no one can separate. When I was a child I didn’t understand these words. I wondered and was fascinated every time I saw a couple walking down the aisle and exchanging their vows, and hearing the I dos from in front of the altar.

But as I grew up, I began to learn things in life, especially the importance of having someone beside you when you are sad, troubled or happy. Its a different experience. You can share your thoughts and express your every feeling.

I discovered that journeying in this world is more meaningful and precious if there is someone you can share the love given to us by God with, a love that is pure, not biased or conditional. 

During my journey in Hong Kong, I wanted to explore the different kinds of love I saw in the people whom I meet and have contact with. I met one particular couple that give me inspiration and joy every time I see them.

They have become good friends of mine. Aside from what I have observed in their relationship as a couple and learned from listening to their stories, I can see they are a one of a kind. They stand out among other couples I have encountered.

They have been married for 16 years now and have four children. They say, “It is not easy to have a settled relationship, especially if you are far away from each other.” 

I agree with them, because I have many friends here in Hong Kong, who live at a distance from their partner and loved ones, and some are separated completely now.

These two have being living and working apart for five years, because the wife came to work in Hong Kong first and her husband stayed behind to look after their children. Even though it was extremely difficult, during that time they tried to keep contact with each other and to be faithful and trust one another.

In their minds, the pain of separation was born to make a better future for their children. Naturally, problems and trials arose, both in their relationship as a couple and as a family. But they got through them all because of the deep love they hold dear in their hearts.

Years passed and an unexpected opportunity brought a great blessing. The wife’s employer needed someone to look after and take care of her father, and they wanted a man, so they hired her husband.

Now, the two of them are working for one family, although they live in separate houses. They only see each other on their days off or when their employer has a family gathering. But they are just happy to have the regular opportunities to be together.

But there is still one problem, the care of their children. There are relatives on both sides of their family willing to help, but of course, as parents, they are still not at ease. But as God is the centre of their family, there is nothing that can never be resolved.

They have decided to save as much as they can during the remainder of their contracts and then return home and start a business, so they can finally be with their children again. And this time, for good!

All the trials that have come their way as a couple have made them both great people in my eyes. They have been able to deal with all their problems and still keep their relationship intact, as well as keeping their four angels together.

While I’m on my way to making a family of my own, I can’t help being excited and inspired by people like them.

The wondrous deeds of almighty God are always before our eyes. We only need to ask guidance and we will never be lost. If our love has its roots in our beloved Father, God will bless us all!

 ● Liza Valdez