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More than a second home

It is more than the second home away from home,” said Alice Rull (left) of Mary Queen of Love, one of the dancers in the Ati Atihan performed by the DPCF Sunday Groups to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the centre. 

She has been with the group since 1990. For many members and for herself, the centre is like a family bringing overwhelming experiences to them. “Our coordinators are like our mothers, while our former coordinators and the religious sisters are like our grandmothers. They keep giving advice to us.” She said the meaning of family is also expressed in unity and cooperation. For example, her group, together with three others, St. Cecila Children of Arts and Music, St. Martha Community, the Sto. Niño de Praga Group, take turns in cooking for members and cleaning the centre on Sundays.

The Sunday Groups chose to dance the tradiitonal Ati Atihan to an upbeat pop song, I Will Survive. “The title can probably describe the effort of all people who run the centre and to encourage those who seek help from it.” she said.

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