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Lack of mercy questions reality of hospitality


MANILA (SE): Archbishop Socrates Villegas cast a shadow of doubt across the depth of the famed Philippine hospitality, saying in his message for Migrant and Refugee Sunday published on January 17, that the nation has failed to develop a merciful heart and without mercy, cannot offer true hospitality.

In addressing the call of Pope Francis for mercy to be shown to refugees, especially in this time when tens of thousands are knocking at the doors of nations in the European Union, the president of the bishops’ conference says that just because The Philippines is geographically a long way off does not excuse it from its obligations.

However, he says that the nation must look at what is happening within its borders as well. He points to the hundreds and thousands of displaced people in Mindanao, victims of a war being fought for profit and power in the resource-rich island province.

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