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Jesus was walking with us

I joined the pilgrimage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish  in Tai Po on October 1. Walking with Jesus was the theme for the pilgrimage. I know Jesus was with us and was walking with us during our pilgrimage, because no one got hurt and I was able to see my friends and family at the church.

I was so happy that is why I know he was with us.

As a child, I can see the image of Jesus through other people I meet. It made me happy to see my classmates in my Sunday school which I love. There we learn simple, but important things, which is different from academic subjects like mathematics, general studies or Chinese.

The Sunday school teachers are nice to us and we learn more about Jesus. I really like being active in the parish activities.

I love going to Taipo church because I have what I consider a serious job, being an usher. I love it so much because it is an activity I do with my mom and I am working for God. Jesus is so cool.

                                               • Andre Rafael Caballero 
Immaculate Heart of Mary
Tai Po