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The art of playing games

Playing games was one of the highlights of a day of fun during the annual picnic of the St. Jude’s Church English Community from North Point on October 21 at the Jordan Valley Park in Kwun Tong.

Over 240 parishioners, community members, friends and guests joined and witnessed the excitement of the day. The opening prayer was led by Father Vincent Corbelli, the spiritual adviser of St. Jude’s English Community.

He thanked everyone who came along and advised us to play joyfully, but carefully, by toning down our voices so as not to disturb others in the park.

The coordinating teams for this year’s parish picnic prepared eight games played among four competing groups according to bus numbers the participants travelled in.

Instructions on how the games should be played were explained on each bus. As ever, players took part in the games with much fun, win or lose. It is the participation that counts.

Intermission numbers from the Dance Class and the coordinating teams were put on while game participants prepared themselves for the next game.

There is beauty in the art of playing games. While good lessons of sportsmanship and unity were learned, every participant got a share of the fun and excitement, which is a healthy way of relaxation.

Abundant lessons can also be drawn from the different games. For example, to train in the skill of listening, all players should carefully listen to the instruction to ensure a fair and safe game is played to avoid any foul play or sometimes accidents.

Prizes were immediately given to those who correctly answered the questions based on lessons from the monthly bible class and from the weekly catechism classes in the parish. The English choir and the Tagalog choir led the community singing where everyone happily joined in the tune.

In his closing remarks, Father Corbelli thanked everybody for their support and participation to our annual picnic. He acknowledged the event’s coordinating teams—lectors, ushers, altar servers, collectors, catechesis and the information desk, for jobs well done.


Joy Rufino  
St. Jude’s
North Point