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Do terrorist attacks affect your outlook on life?


Being here in Hong Kong for more than half of my life, I believe that Hong Kong is a safe place to live and that it is far from any terrorist attack. However, having seen what happened in Paris recently, I am beginning to think that from terrorism there is no safe place here on earth. These attacks have created the feeling of fear and anxiety in our lives.
Our outlook on life is affected. We need to put our trust in God just as Pope Francis said, “Trust the Lord even in extreme situations.” We know that God is faithful to those who are faithful to him. Let’s continue to pray for a passion and love for Christ that drives out fear, so that love, peace and unity will reign among us all.
            —Rodel Inciong
Terrorism is a nationwide problem that will not be solved through compromise. Its objective is to raise terror among people and create the fear of destruction, physical harm or death among the masses. There are no solutions to this, but to be prepared at all times, because it happens at any time and in any place. Since we cannot predict when an attack will happen, the important thing is to be prepared spiritually and leave everything to God. Always talk to him so he can guide you every moment. If you have a strong belief in your faith, fear will vanish and you can have more freedom to think and enjoy life.   
 —Marvin Flores  
Even though our country was not the actual target, still we are affected because attacking means sudden tragedy. There is no preparation and no one can escape including the innocent. All we have to do is pray for the world to stop these attacks, because they will affect the development of one country, the lives of all victims and the suffering of every individuals. I always prepare for what will happen in my life, because I’m a survivor. I pray and ask forgiveness for my sins and also pray for my family and for world peace.
 —Tina Macuja
Terrorism can affect us, because this is a world problem, not only related to the affected countries, but also the whole world. Prayer is the first weapon, but you need to be prepared yourself, trust God and have faith in him. I hope this Advent season, as we prepare for the coming of our saviour Jesus, terrorist attacks will stop, because many have lost their lives and many families are affected. Sharing love and hope can strengthen our faith as individuals.
                                                                                                                    Gemma Mission