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Protest denounces bullet scam

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : Around 300 migrant workers took part in a protest in Chater Road on November 1 denouncing the bullet planting racket at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

Organised by Migrante Party﹣list, the protest demanded the Philippine government resolve the issue. 

Dolores Balladares, the spokesperson for the group, called for the resignation of the general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority, Jose Angel Honrado, for his failure to give protection to passengers. 

Balladares said Honrado has not only ignored a public outcry for an investigation, but also defended the prosecution of the hapless travellers, despite overwhelming evidence that the bullets supposedly found in their baggage were planted.

She also pointed out that Honrado failed to ensure proper services were provided at the airport, as since he took over as chief in July 2010, the country’s airport system has been plagued with poor maintenance of facilities, congested runways, rampant pilfering of baggage and a lack of surveillance equipment, which has made the airport in Manila the world’s worst for three consecutive years.

Balladares also blamed the former Air Force general for the integration of the airport terminal fee with the sale of plane tickets, which has resulted in the illegal collection of 550 pesos ($91) from each departing migrant worker. 

An online petition conducted by the group is also ongoing. 

Balladares said the petition had received around 300 signatures as of November 6, and the group will go on gathering signatures on Sundays until December.


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