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Mind your own business

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : Using a name borrowed from one of the first computer accounting packages ever to be released for small businesses, Mind Your Own Business is being promoted by the Philippine Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD MRI) in conjunction with several Philippine organisations in Hong Kong in order to promote small to medium sized enterprise among migrant workers.

The programme will be launched at the City University on November 22 under the name of Go Negosyo (Go Business). The author of a Senate Bill (RA10644) under the same name, Benigno (Bam) Aquino, has been invited as the guest of honour for the day.

Representatives from the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, as well as the Department of Labour and Employment will join staff from CARD SME Bank at the full day seminar.

Some people who have already taken part in the programme and set up small to medium size businesses will also be present to share some details of their journey.

CARD will make a presentation on the many and varied programmes that it makes available and showcase items that are already being produced by migrant worker organisations.

Both government representatives and the staff from CARD will hold an open forum to respond to questions.

Presented for the first time in Hong Kong in response to requests from migrant workers who have graduated from the CARD OFW HK financial literacy courses over the past four years, The Go Negosyo Talk Series is part of an ongoing initiative put on at many venues around The
Philippines to promote and encourage entrepreneurship.

The day will present the positive elements of the development in entrepreneurship in The Philippines through the stories of those who have set up small to medium size ventures with the support of CARD SME Bank and run them successfully.

It will also pay attention to the various support systems that are available to small business owners from both the public and private sector.

A press release from CARD MRI describes itself as being a strong supporter of small to medium size enterprise through its various institutions, as well as providing advocacy for the Go Negosyo legislation.

The new law seeks to further strengthen micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by providing them with better incentives and benefits.

It will grant more access to focussed support for the improvement of business performance, by promoting backup for key growth industries and facilitating financing support programmes that are much-needed, both at the beginning stage and for growth.

An important element in the new legislation is promoting participation in the economy by the private sector.

It requires the Department of Trade and Industry to set up Go Negosyo Centres all over The Philippines to provide access to bigger markets as well as finance, and technical support for business development programmes.

It also simplifies the process of business registration. Up to the beginning of October, 101 such centres had been opened around the country.


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