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Mabuhay no more but stories will stay
Although Mabuhay means long life or live long, the time has come that the name must disappear from the Sunday Examiner newspaper.
However, even though the name may be disappearing, the stories that have been published on The Philippines and life of Filipino communities in Hong Kong will stay, although sometimes they may be on a different page.
The page dedicated to readers’ views will remain untouched and all usual features will continue as well.
Over time the demands made on a newspaper change and with changing obligations that the paper has today, we are no longer able to continue to balance our content without this change.
We hope you find that we are able to give you a better newspaper. 
The name Mabuhay has stood proud on page five for the past 14 years, which is not a long time in the life of a newspaper, but it is a long time for a single section.
Let’s just look forward to a new look.
Mabuhay will appear for the last time in the November 15 issue.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief 

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