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Best missionaries in Philippines

ROME (Mabuhay) : "Filipino workers who migrate are the best missionaries in The Philippines," the archbishop of Manila, Luis Cardinal Tagle, told a gathering in Rome at a prayer vigil prior to Mission Sunday on October 16.

"Not only here in Rome, but also in other parts of  the world. Wherever they go, they bring the colourful Asian culture and the joy of the Christian faith," he said.

He quoted a migrant domestic worker in Rome as telling him that she works for an Italian family and every time she feeds their children she wonders who is feeding her own children at home.

"It breaks my heart to think of them, but then I look at these two beautiful Italian children and try to give them the love that I want to give my children," he quoted her as saying.

Cardinal Tagle commented, "This is not just a job, that’s true mission. Rome is fortunate to have many missionaries who, like this woman, bring the faith and love."

Although migrant workers do not choose to become missionaries, as they leave home in search of better jobs and to create some security for their families, they strive to do the will of God in their lives. They are inadvertent missionaries, as that is the only way they can live their faith.

It is worth remembering the words of Bishop Edward Galvin. 

He told missionaries in his diocese in Hanyang, China, in 1949, "We are not here to convert China, but to do the will of God."

The vast numbers of Filipinos working in the homes of non-Christians in Hong Kong do not  come with the intention of converting their employers either, but by doing the will of God, inadvertent or not, they are indeed great missionaries.