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Supposed miracles do not warrant a gold rush

MANILA (UCAN) : Father Melvin Castro put out a warning on September 16 saying that reports of miracles and apparitions of Our Lady do not warrant a gold rush.

The coordinator of the Confraternity of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace warned that stories of weeping images of the Virgin Mary that have recently surfaced in the media is not an occasion for money-making.

The stories followed a Church declaration that a reported apparition of the Virgin Mary in the province of Batangas in 1948 had a supernatural character.

On September 12, Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, from Lipa, issued a decree declaring with moral certainty that the events of 1948 are worthy of belief.

Father Castro explained, “It is possible that some people think that this is some sort of fad that they should join in, but people should also be discerning.”

He told reporters that what is recognised by the Church is that the event that took place in 1948 is beyond any statue or picture.

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz commented, “Hopefully, there will be no individuals who will make money out of it by producing this item or image, medals or candles left, right and centre for business (purposes).”

He added that the Church is careful in declaring so-called miracles to be authentic, because if they are later shown to be false, it has a negative effect on people.

Archbishop Cruz explained that evidence must be gathered and sent to the Vatican that will in turn send experts to conduct interviews and gather empirical data.

Father Castro said the Vatican usually respects what the local bishop says. “If the Vatican does not reject it, that’s already a silent confirmation,” he said.

On 12 September 1948, the Virgin Mary reportedly appeared before a Carmelite postulant, Teresing Castillo, and is believed to have told the aspiring sister that she was the Mary Mediatrix of All Grace.

The apparition was followed by several inexplicable showers of rose petals both inside and outside of the Carmelite convent in Lipa.

“The shower of petals created some kind of a mass hysteria,” Father Castro said, adding that the event was later commercialised.

After 67 years, he said people should go beyond the external and focus on the message of the Virgin Mary.

In the 1948 apparitions, the Virgin Mary reportedly appealed for humility and penance, asking people to pray for priests and for the pope.