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Education should be for all

MANILA (Agencies) : “World leaders have a duty to take seriously the task of providing their people easy access to education. Everyone must be given the chance to a kind of education that respects their ethnic background, cultural upbringing and socio-economic status,” Jeanette Javie Sumicad, a special education teacher at Siena College Taytay, told CBCP News.

She said that she was delighted to see the special prayer intention published by Pope Francis for the universal Church during the month of September, which says that opportunities for education and employment for all young people may increase.

The pope is also encouraging parents and employers, as well as teachers to identify the needs of young people and make good plans for them.

Sumicad went on to echo the Holy Father’s wish that young people be given every opportunity possible which will enable them to develop their full potential.

Noting the lack of confidence in many of her students, Sumicad underlined the indispensable role of parents and guardians in ensuring that their children receive proper encouragement, starting in their own homes.

Nestor Limqueco, from Santa Catalina College, called education a liberating experience that demands active participation in the learners.

“Education is a lifelong thing. Because of this, it is important that young people are educated in such a way that they will see God in what they do once they are employed,” he added.

He then warned against seeing employment exclusively as a money-making affair.

“Employment is not just about earning money. It is also a means that allows us to appreciate better the true essence and dignity of labour of which the Man of Nazareth is the best example,” he said.