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We need the young to care for the earth

MANILA (Agencies) : Reflecting on the lessons of St. Augustine, the son of St. Monica, Archbishop Socrates Villegas expressed the need to reach out to the generation growing up in this century in taking care of the environment.

“We need the millennials. The home that God entrusted to us is dying and it is obvious with the climate change and irresponsibility we’ve tolerated for too long,” the president of the bishops’ conference was quoted by CBCP News as saying.

“We need their help because times are changing fast and it is they who are at the forefront of it. They bear the responsibility of understanding and evolving, not just with the environment, but with the faith,” the president of the bishops’ conference said.

Archbishop Villegas said that the millennial generation has the power to communicate effectively and instantly compared with older generations.

“We hope that by reaching out to them, they can help us reach out to more people. They do that so naturally and so effortlessly already. The same way the word of God is something we’re naturally drawn to, we hope that they share the same message of caring for our only home,” he added.