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New archbishop of Manila puts his cards on table

MANILA (Agencies) : In his first homily after being installed as archbishop of Manila on December 11, Archbishop Luis Tagle put his cards on the table, leaving no doubt as to where he will place his priorities.

Speaking at a thanksgiving Mass for family life on December 14, he said that the new evangelisation means that we must look at the world with new eyes, eyes that our not our own, but the eyes of the Lord.

The 32nd bishop of Manila said under his leadership, the Church will seek to proclaim the truth, no matter how inconvenient this may be, either for the church, its personnel or anyone else.

“The unborn must no longer be seen as a burden,” he said. “Women must no longer be seen as objects and creation must not be manipulated.”

He promised to take his campaign against the controversial Reproductive Health Bill to the Internet, saying that his regular television spot, The Word Exposed, is already being uploaded onto YouTube on a regular basis, and has tackled some of the pernicious elements in the bill, which the government is seeking to subvert millions of pesos of tax payers money to fund.

He particularly pointed to the huge amounts it is budgeting for the distribution of free contraceptives, many of which are considered to be abortifacients.

Archbishop Tagle pointed out that he was installed on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron of the pro-life movement in the Church, and that its significance should not be lost on the pro-life movement in The Philippines.

CBCP News reported him as calling on all Christians not to despair in the face of the hopelessness and corruption of the government.

“The Catholic Church believes contraception is contrary to the gospel, an inconvenient truth long abandoned by other Christian denominations and rejected by the secular world,” the archbishop said.

Addressing the sex education in schools component in the proposed health bill, he said, “The concern of the Church is that in these modules the approach to sex is too clinical. It is [presented only as] an activity, with only factual, biological information on how to protect yourself [against pregnancy],” he continued.

However, he said that the sexual act should be looked at in the area of moral relationship and that is not being addressed in the education modules currently being pushed at students.