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TV María goes live

MANILA (Agencies) : TV María, the first Catholic television network to be set up in The Philippines, made Church media history on August 14 when it officially aired its first live broadcast direct from its headquarters in Pandacan, Manila.

“Another milestone has been reached in our efforts at further improving the TV channel: TV María is ready for direct broadcasting via Internet,” Father Joselito Jopson, the director of the Catholic station, said in a statement to CBCP News.

In his historic speech at the inauguration, the archbishop of Manila, Luis Cardinal Tagle, addressed TV María viewers live for the first time from its studio inside the Caritas compound in Pandacan.

The archbishop talked about the beauty of social communications and how this noble undertaking ultimately originates from a God, who continues to speak and reach out to humankind.

“This is our mission. Through us, his Church, God talks to us… God is a God of communication. God is not self-absorbed. He revealed himself to us… and we, as Church, continue what God has started,” Cardinal Tagle told the viewing audience.

“This is not about ratings, publicity or image-building… This is an apostolate… with faith, hope and love, TV María strives to do its share in making God’s work known and in inviting its audience to respond to his call,” he continued.

Cardinal Tagle said that the Philippine Catholic channel is taking its cue from the first generation of Christian believers, who used every means at their disposal.

“The ancient Christians created paintings and murals depicting scenes from the bible. They did this in order to educate others on the faith… Using today’s technology, TV María is doing the same,” he explained.

Its broadcast can be located at Channel One on Dream Satellite, Channel 96 on Destiny and Channel 160 on Sky Cable.

Those who have no access to TV María can contact their Cable TV providers.