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Smart fun with your money

HONG KONG (Mabuhay) : If you are looking for a fun day out, you probably will not think of attending a financial literacy course.

Yes, the name smacks of bad memories from school days of teachers droning on and reading difficult books—homework even.

Well, although the some 45 migrant workers attending a day organised by an associate group of the Philippine micro-credit organisation, CARD-MRI, on July 26, did not decide to go for a fun day out—that is exactly what they got.

Although the room at Bayanihan Centre in Kennedy Town had chairs arranged in neat rows, a black board and even an overhead projector, the sheets of paper handed out to those who turned up contained lots of material that soon had people questioning and responding happily.

Maybe the best thing about the day is that it is run by migrant workers. It is migrant workers sharing their own experiences with other migrant workers and passing on what they have learned through their own mistakes and successes.

And they do it with style. Sessions are more like a drama than a study class, yet they take people through a series of hard questions about how they use their hard earned money to create something more positive in their lives.

To date, over 1,000 people have passed through the CARD-MRI course in Hong Kong.

Many report that they learned a lot more than how to use their money wisely and found that they now communicate more effectively with their families and friends, have developed a new focus in their lives and been reconnected with the dream that brought them to Hong Kong in the first place.

For migrant workers, learning from migrant workers, who deal with the same pressures and problems in life as any other migrant, can be life-changing, opening new doors and bringing a fresh hope.

Although you may not walk away a financial genius, you will have the concepts that you need to plan a future and the concrete knowledge of how to begin going about it.

In addition, there is the option to remain associated with CARD for the rest of your life, giving the chance to avail of a wide range of financial services and business advice even after you return home.

Yes, a fun day out with a blessing that can last a lifetime.

Next course starts September 27.
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