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Pope Francis to address Philippine conference

MANILA (Agencies) : Pope Francis is slated to address the Philippine Conference on New Evangelisation scheduled to be held in Manila from October 16 to 18, the archbishop of the capital city, Luis Cardinal Tagle, told CBCP News on October 3.

The cardinal said that the conference will address the search for new ways to approach the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ across Asia and Pope Francis has agreed to deliver his message during the closing Mass on October 18.

He said whether the pope will pre-record a message or speak by live streaming is yet to be confirmed.

“The Holy Father, who will send a message—that’s a sign that they’re really interested,” Cardinal Tagle said.

He has previously explained, “The eyes of the Vatican are on us,” adding that officials from the Holy See are looking forward to the conference that will be held at the historic University of Santo Tomas, the first pontifical university in Asia.

“Rome is interested in how a Church in Asia like The Philippines will approach this whole concern about the new evangelisation,” Cardinal Tagle said.

“I think they are also interested in what the Churches in Asia can contribute to the universal Church for these new approaches and new methods in evangelisation,” he added.

He explained that the conference is primarily seeking new approaches to keep the Church’s mission of evangelising in synch with the modern times.

The cardinal said the conference also aims to win back Catholics who have wandered from the Church and those who think that going to the Church has become obsolete.

“So we took these questions and concerns seriously in crafting the programme,” the bishop of Manila explained.

“There will be a lot of storytelling in the workshops. So people will be encouraged to tell their stories and ask questions,” he added. 

Cardinal Tagle said that some bishops, priests and laypeople from various Asian countries will also attend the conference.

“At the moment, there are six bishops from different parts of Asia who have signalled their attendance,” he said.


“This is not only about unity in The Philippines, but also unity in Asia,” he concluded.